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Classification of Living Beings By Biologists. From 16th century, various biologists attempted to classify various organisms but didn't realize the evolutionary relationships. In Carl Linnaeus proposed a system that has dominated classification for centuries.

mcq questions for class 9 biology with answers

Linnaeus identified two kingdoms: Animalia animals and Plantae. All the terms like species, genus, family, order, class, phyla etc were defined by Linnaeus on the. The first major break from the Linnaean model came from Thomas Whittaker. In Whittaker proposed a "five kingdom" system in which three kingdoms were added to the animals and plants: Monera bacteriaProtista, and Fungi.

In the years since Whittaker's system was developed, however, new evidence and new methods have shown that the five-kingdom system also fails to adequately capture what we now know about the diversity of life. Microbial biologists became aware of these limitations as they discovered unicellular organisms that appeared to be prokaryotic, but were extremely distinct in their internal structure and other characteristics from the traditional bacteria.

Woese introduced new modification by dividing the Monera into Archaebacteria or Archaea and Eubacteria or Bacteria. Here presents the infographic showing classification attempts by various biologists:.

Posted by www. Newer Post Older Post Home.Biology is a subject of studying about the science of all living things, their behavior, structure, origin, reproduction and interrelationships. Biology is being taught in all schools and colleges.

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Class -9thMost important Objective Questions -Biology-

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Improvement in Food Resources - Agriculture Improvements. Very Short Questions and Answers. Q2: Name the two major problems for food requirements due to overpopulated country like India? Q3: Give two examples of scientific management practices to obtain a high yield of crops. Q4: What are integrated farming practices? Q5: Give three examples of cereals? Which type of major nutrient do they provide? Q7: Give three examples of oilseeds? Name the major nutrient provided by them.

Q8: What do vegetables, spices and fruits provide? Q9: What are fodder crops? Give three examples of fodder crops. Q Define photoperiodism. What is its effect on plants? Q In which season Kharif crops are grown? Q Give three examples of Kharif crops.

CBSE Class 9 Science Important MCQs from Chapter 14 Natural Resources for Annual Exam 2020

Q Name two methods to improve crop variety. Q Tallness and profused branching is desired agronomic characteristics for which type of crop? Q How is quality measured in i wheat ii pulses Q The crop variety produced by introducing a gene that would provide desired characteristics.

Such type of crop is known as? Q How many elements are essential for plant growth and reproduction? How are these classified? Q Out of fertilizer and manure which one has a short-term objective? Q Out of fertilizer and manure which one increases water holding capacity? Q Leguminous plants like Sun-hemp or Cluster Bean are grown and then mulched give us what kind of manure?

It is rich in which elements? Q What are the main sources of bio-fertilizers? Q Name the type of farming that uses bio-agents. What do bio-agents prepare? Q Give two examples of bio-pesticides. Where are they used?

Q Name six sources of irrigation that must include at least two modern methods. Q Identify the cropping pattern: a The practice of growing two or more crops simultaneously in a field b Growing two or more crops simultaneously with definite row patterns.

Q Which cropping pattern seeks to balance the fertility demands of various crops to avoid excessive depletion of soil nutrients? Q Between intercropping and mixed cropping, in which one has no competition between both crops. Q Give two examples of weeds. Q Name the three methods of insect pests attack plants.The technique of obtaining a large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is known as a organ culture. Viral disease-free plants are obtained through a anther culture.

Breeding of crops to increase the levels of essential nutrients, is called a biofortification. The species of Saccharum sugarcane originally grown in North India. A group of animals which are related by descent and share many similarities are referred to as [NCERT Exemplar] a breed. The biggest constraint of plant breeding is [NCERT Exemplar] a availability of desirable gene in the crop and its wild relatives.

CBSE Class 9 Biology Solution,Notes,MCQ,Sample Questions

Which one of the following combination would a sugarcane farmer look for in the sugarcane crop? Which one of the following is a marine fish? Directions: Q28 to Q30 : Mark the odd one in each of the following groups.

Red rot of sugarcane, Black rot of crucifer, Late blight of Potato, Brown rust of wheat. Answer: Explaination: Dairying is the management of animals for milk and milk products for human consumption. Answer: Explaination: Milk yield depends on: i the quality of the breed. Answer: Explaination: Inbreeding, i.

A herd of cattle is showing reduced fertility and productivity. Provide one reason and one suggestion to overcome this problem. Answer: Explaination: — It is inbreeding depression that arises due to continued and close inbreeding. Suggest the breeding method most suitable for animals that are below average in milk productivity.

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Answer: Explaination: Outcrossing, a method of outbreeding is the most suitable for this; it is the mating of animals within the same breed, but having no common ancestors on either side of then- pedigree upto generations. Answer: Explaination: — It helps to overcome inbreeding depression. Write a professional approach at genetic level that can help the farmer to improve the milk yield of low milk-producing cows in his farm. Answer: Explaination: High milk-yielding breeds of females and high meat-yielding bulls are bred to increase the herd size in a short time through MOET.

Answer: Explaination: — The genetic mother is induced superovulation, i. Answer: Explaination: Fishery is an industry dealing with catching, rearing, processing and selling of fishes, and shell-fishes like molluscs and crustaceans. Answer: Explaination: Blue revolution is the movement launched in the same lines as green revolution, to increase the production of fish and fish products.

mcq questions for class 9 biology with answers

Answer: Explaination: The two steps include: i crossing or hybridisation of pure lines. Which of the following is the semi-dwarf wheat that is high-yielding and disease-resistant?

Pusa Shubra, Kalyan Sona, Ratna. Write the names of two semi-dwarf and high-yielding rice varieties developed in India after State the economic value of Saccharum officinarum in comparison to S.

Answer: Explaination: — Saccharum officinarum has thicker stemsand higher sugar content. Answer: Explaination: Through mutation breeding, mung bean has been made resistant to yellow mosaic virus and powdery mildew disease. Answer: Explaination: Biofortification is important to improve public health, as about three billion people suffer from deficiency of micronutrients, proteins and vitamins. Name the organism commercially used for the production of single cell protein.

Or Which of the following produces single cell proteins? Sonalika, Spirulina, Saccharomyces. Identify the two correct statements from the following: [Delhi C] i Apiculture means apical meristem culture.We also share useful articles on our facebook page to help you in your board examination. Questions and fun facts related to Class 9 Biology Notes will also be shared on our facebook page so you can ace your biology examination.

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mcq questions for class 9 biology with answers

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Classes Class XII. Search keywords Search.PDF of questions is also available here. These questions will help them revise all important concepts from Class 9 Biology Chapter - Natural Resources and make them write correct answers of all objective type questions in the exam. All the MCQ questions are provided with answers. What would happen, if all the oxygen present in the environment is converted to ozone?

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When we breathe in air, nitrogen also goes inside along with oxygen. What is the fate of nitrogen? There is always a cycle of CO 2 running in the atmosphere due to which the concentration of CO2 remains constant in the atmosphere.

Choose the correct sequence of this cycle:. You must have observed that during the winters sometimesit becomes quite difficult to see even the objects short distance apart.

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This low visibility during the cold weather is due to:. Which of the following statements does not give the correct definition? The amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere is maintained by a biological cycle which involves two processes, first is to withdraw nitrogen from the atmosphere and secondly to add the same to atmosphere. The nitrogen cycle. Ozone layer is a protective blanket in the atmosphere that protectsus from the harmful high energy UV radiations coming from the sun. But it has been observed that some harmful air pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons are causing hole in this protective layer.

Aquatic organisms are used to a certain range of temperature in the water bodies where they live.

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A sudden marked change in this temperature can affect:. Presence of the fertilizers and sewage in polluted water provides a lot of nitrogen, causing excessive growth of algae which subsequently reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen in water.

mcq questions for class 9 biology with answers

Can you name this process of reduction of dissolved oxygen due to the excess growth of algae. A cool breeze after a hot day brings all of us considerable relief.

This breeze is actually the moving air. What is the basic process that causes this movement of air? If the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere is increased then which one of the following would not get affected? Answer: a A biological process of nitrogen fixing bacteria present in the soil.

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Top soil is the best for the vegetation. The main components ofthis productive top layer are:. The process of nitrogen fixation by bacteria does not take place in the presence of:.

Following is the diagram showing the natural Ecosystem comprising both of abiotic as well as biotic components. Students may also download all the MCQs given above in form of PDF so that they may access these questions in offline mode as well:.

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