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Kuclo Krazy 8's- Arms (Part 1 of 3) Steve Kuclo (

A Calorie per day deficit will give you 1lb of weight loss per week mathematically assuming your metabolism is perfectly constant every day. A Calorie daily deficit will give you a 2lb weekly weight loss again, assuming perfectly constant metabolism. You can assume that you burn somehwere between Calories while training.

Steve “King Snake” Kuclo’s KING-SIZED Workout

Assuming you train 5x a week that gives us a weekly Calorie total of: 25, Calories To drop 2lb of fat per week we need: 18, Calories. That is where proper macronutrient partitioning comes into play. Now—this is the easy part. Even though my calories low; I am eating perfect, training hard, doing cardio and turning my body into a fine tuned machine.

Its all about your mind set. What I wanted to demonstrate in the photo of me rowing is the form and technique used in one arm row. Making sure you get full extension on the bottom of the movement without causing to much rotation in your core. Use your mind muscle connection to pull from you elbow and focus on your lat pulling the weight vs your bicep. Use a weight that you can squeeze on the peak of the contraction and not just swing.

Doing this will definitely help your back to grow and work the right muscles! If you need a custom tailored training program or diet make sure you check out my plans that are available for you.

Hey Everyone! I hope your week was ultra productive.

steve kuclo arm size

An action packed week in Dallas being 4. I really enjoy being able to share this journey with you all. I personally have a contest coach and would be a stress ball if I didn't have one. Its important you work with someone you trust and we are offering contest coaching on the site.

If you are interested please email : train stevekuclo. With the Arnold right around the corner it is time to really grind out the rest of the prep to prepare for one of the best Arnold Classic's in history!

You ever notice how much different bodybuilders and powerlifters look? Even the powerlifters that are lean have a very different look than bodybuilders. As a general rule, powerlifters tend to have very large chests and backs, with relatively lacking extremities arms and legs. Why is that? In my opinion it comes down to the important differentiation between training for a movement and training a muscle. When training a muscle, you use the movement to place stress on the muscle being worked.

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Take the bench press for example: The bench press involves the chest, anterior deltoids, and triceps as primary movers. The largest and most powerful of those three muscles is the pectorals. In this case, performing the bench press with the sole intent of moving the most amount of weight possible is, by default, going to place the largest workload on the pecs. Certainly workload is distributed to the shoulders, triceps, and even other assisting muscles like those of the upper back and even the legs when incorporating leg drive—but if you want to move the most weight in that movement, the largest load will be placed on the largest most mechanically advantageous muscle group—the pecs.Anyone who considers themselves a bodybuilding fan knows the name Steve Kuclo.

More than that, they realize the immense potential he has. At only 29 years old, Kuclo shows the potential to rise right to the top of the sport alongside Phil Heath, Kai Greene and other competitors in the top 5. The scariest part for his fellow competitors?

Kuclo is a massive man, a true beast with a shredded physique attained through constant hard work. But how exactly does Steve get into such tremendous shape for the posing stage?

Steve Kulco thrashes his arms with this signature workout that is sure to get any serious competitor and casual bodybuilder alike, into the shape of a champion. So what exactly is the crazy 8 method? The main take is that you do one set of each of the eight exercises, between the rep range, and with minimal rest time.

Standing EZ Bar Curl 2. Incline Dumbbell Curls 3. Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls 4. Spider Curls 5. Machine Preacher Curls 6. Cable EZ Bar Curl 7.

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Cable Hammer Curl 8. Overhand grip standing EZ Bar curl. Close Grip Bench Press 2. Bodyweight Dips 3. Rope Pushdowns 4. Over head Rope extensions 5. V Bar Pushdowns 6.The Arnold Sports Festival is fast approaching and the greatest bodybuilders in the game are training in preparation for one of the most important competitions of the year: The Arnold Classic.

One name that stands out is Steve Kuclo. The time away from the stage could be a true blessing in disguise as constant competition can be truly taxing to the body. The time away offered Kuclo a reprieve from the body thrashing required by bulking and cutting on a consistent basis. Now, Steve Kuclo is making his long awaited return to action and looks to be in the best shape of career. The time away from the stage could have afforded him the opportunity to heal up injuries as well as improve on his strengths and weaknesses.

Weeks out from the Arnold Classic, Steve Kuclo is training up his massive arms and has looked to made some solid gains since his last competition in Throwing in this superset of EZ bar curls starting with your hands pronated palms down directly into supinated curls palms up is a killer ArmDay finisher!

Let us know in the comments below. His best days are behind him, his best bet is to enter a low level pro show where the competition is weak. GI Brands. Bodybuilding News. Share on Facebook. Steve Kuclo is training hard for a successful return. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Follow Us. April 14, Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding.Login or Sign Up.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of Filtered by:. January 3rd,PM. Originally posted by TheVenom View Post. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by jam. Do you take your creatine pre or post workout or both? I remember you saying in a video or something that you take creatine capsules and just open them and dump in a drink. Yeah I did high volume every workout I did rotate my reps from say or Keep the body guessing every few weeks.

I usually take the last one or two sets of every exercise to failure or use a slight spot. I also like to use a mix of compound and isolation both precontest and offseason. I also start with the heavier compound stuff then go to the isolation toward the end of the workout. Hope this helps I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by Me. January 4th,AM. January 5th,AM. Steve i herd somewhere that now you're working with Hany rambod is it true?

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January 5th,PM. Originally posted by youngitalianstallion View Post. Hey Steve, what type of an arm workout would you recommend to a young kid with a relatively skiny frame trying to build bigger arms? Steve your the man. I have Project Super Heavyweight and me and my buddy watch it sometimes before we go to train.

Or your vids on youtube, we have this inside joke we text back an fourth and say "what would steve do" Your a strong dude an seem cool as shit. I hope everything works out for you man, i know it will. Your some one i look up to and keep in the back of my mind when training. Thanks for keeping everyone on here motivated! January 6th,AM. January 8th,PM.Growing up, Steve was always extremely passionate about sports and fitness.

This time in the gym would ultimately spark a bodybuilding passion in Steve. He decided to end his firefighting career and focus on bodybuilding full time — pushing himself to his limits in the gym. Growing up, Steve was extremely passionate about sports.

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He played baseball, hockey and football at school — enjoying every minute. He managed to become so good at Hockey as a young athlete, that he was placed in the hockey hall of fame for his efforts.

This love for self-improvement in sports, allowed Steve to develop an interest improving his body and becoming as strong a he possibly could. As he spent more and more time in the gym, his love for bodybuilding grew naturally.

Steve was only 18 years old when he stepped on stage for the first time. This win made Steve absolutely obsessed with the sport. He joined the fire and rescue service when he was 21, with the intention to help people in his local community. He trained extremely hard for the event, and managed to win easily. Through doing so, he managed to claim his Pro Card — starting a career which would lead him all the way to the top.

He managed to win this show and carry the first place trophy home. This victory qualified Steve for another Mr Olympia. InSteve started working with the professional coach George Farah. Steve saw this as an opportunity to rebuild and prepare for the next years contests.

Steve had always wanted to win the Olympia, and he attended the competition with an intention to beat his previous years 16th. He came 13th this time round, which was an improvement, but it was still nowhere near his 9th place result. Steve knew that it was only a matter of time before he would eventually be on the podium. Steve has created a routine based on years of training and working with the best in the business. His three main goals are:.

I have worked with some of the best trainers, prep coaches, and training partners in the world and have gained priceless knowledge from them… you quickly learn that every body is different and responds differently to different methods. In the off-season, Steve aims to increase his body-weight and mass by increasing his caloric intake. His competition diet is purely based around lean protein sources and supplements.

He aims to loose excess body fat as well, so eats healthy carbs which allow him to complete better cardio sessions. For Steve, nutritional supplementation is a vital part of his plan.

He ended his firefighting career at the end of to focus on bodybuilding, but prior to this he was working out after 24 hour shifts. To do this, Steve would use pre-workout drinks. These drinks have gradually become a big part of his routine, and he uses them regularly. On top of these supplements, Steve also uses whey protein shakes, BCAA drinks, vitamin drinks and green tea.

They help each other with all aspects of their fitness lives.

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They eat together and have a child together who they hope with follow a similar healthy path. He managed to build an extremely successful career from this passion — always focusing on the idea of gradual improvements.

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Blow Up Your Arms With Steve Kuclo’s Crazy 8’s Workout

We will never sell your details on. Please see our privacy policy for more information. Leave a Reply. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Steve Kuclo with a side order of Guy Cisternino, please :- I like that Guy Cisternino wears shiny posing trunks, bucking the trend of velvet-like posing trunks that other bodybuilders wear.

Steve Kuclo: Well, I'll just leave this link here Yes, yes, yes, addict! Just put it out there, dude. We like bulging muscles -- but we like bulging posers too! Some thoughts: Kuclo: He's on my mind and other things a lot lately due to all the great showings he's doing. Always looks semi-chubbed. Great color selections. Would LOVE to see him wear those flame posers in an actual competition!

Rami: Just so much width there! I don't know that the shaft is all that impressive, but the nuggets -- whoa! Compton: Perfect proportions. He shows us just enough detail to keep us interested.

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Rowe: Love shots were we see some head. Brad definitely celebrates Hanukkah! Dexter Jackson: Floppy fabulousness! Even hot in velvet! Cisternos: Careful.

steve kuclo arm size

COntents under extreme pressure! Hofer: I want so much more of this guy! Tight as a drum -- and he's got the stick to beat it.

Did I really just write that?! Evan C: Freaking snow plow.

steve kuclo arm size

Not beautiful, but damn it will move ya! Ben P. Johnny Jackson: Dude always looks like he's one flex away from popping through his posers. Jake N. Just yum. Excellent post. Evan C, is my favourite. He's not fully aroused yet he can't conceal he has a lot swinging down there. I've seen Jake N, pose a number of times and he continually has to adjust he briefs to keep things in check.

I like Guy for putting so much ooomph into his posing, Justin takes a while to warm up on stage, but does bulge out when he starts to get aggressive with his posing. Steve Kuclo, when he's in condition is pretty fucking impressive. Ben P, always very popular with me, bulge or no bulge. MA, I hope you'll do follow-ups to this, like with the glute posts.As a Bootyologist with over 16 years of training experience, specializing in Glute training, Amanda wanted a one stop shop for all things booty.

Our signature high waist style helps to create a sleek silhouette, reduce muffin top as well as pass the 'squat test'. The bold, vibrant colors are perfect for photo shoots and of course Amanda has taken her expertise and put it into a brand that helps, motivates and inspires women along with a line that works in and out of the gym. Our brand marries strength with glamour, catering to the woman that loves building her booty, and loves looking great while doing it. We at bootyqueen apparel believe that every woman is a queen, and its all about the booty.

We are a husband and wife owned and operated company with a grass roots background based in Dallas, Texas. From our home to yours, packed with love, and done start to finish with gratitude. We truly appreciate your business and your support.

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Over the last 11 years Amanda has established herself as a leader in the industry with over 26 1st place finishes in fitness and bikini competitions around the World. She officially earned her IFBB Pro card in after winning every competition that she entered that year. Amanda is passionate about helping women.

She believes that you go through things for 2 reasons She now takes her knowledge and experience to help and educate women. Amanda preaches the importance of self love, becoming fearless and the benefits of weight training as she believes health encompasses mental, spiritual as well as physical. Steve Kuclo, one of the top IFBB Professional Bodybuilders, has been an athlete his entire life, excelling in several sports, including baseball, hockey and football.

From that point on, Steve was hooked. He would go on to win the Teen Nationals Heavyweight division two years in a row. Not only did he win his division, but he outshined them all by taking home the top honor of the Overall Mens Bodybuilding Champion. This made Steve, the one to watch. Steve's First win as a Pro Bodybuilder was in front of his hometown crowd of Dallas, at the Dallas Europa earning him an Olympia qualification.

InSteve's career made a huge jump in the world of Bodybuilding when won the Title of the Brazil Arnold Champion and placed top 10 in World at the Mr. Steve also signed with Allmax Nutrition and Weider, becoming an Athlete for these prestigious companies.